Denture Repair2

Denture Repairs in Ogden, UT

Dentures are made specifically for the person wearing them, but they don’t last forever. Wear and tear can take their toll, as well as damage from chewing tough foods or an accident involving your teeth. Eventually, you’ll need denture repair to restore the shape, fit and feel of your dentures. Naftzger Dental Lab is ready to help.

We’ve been making dentures in Ogden, Syracuse, Clearfield, Sunset, and Kaysville, UT for over 30 years, and we’re one of the most experienced, trusted providers in the entire Southwestern United States for denture repair. From minor imperfections to major misalignments, we fix your dentures to ensure they fit properly and look great.

Signs You Need Denture Repair

Denture wear often occurs gradually over time, which can make it difficult to spot problems until they’re severe. Gradual wear causes misalignments, made even worse when chewing food. These misalignments cause compounding wear that eventually leads to denture damage. It’s important to recognize the signs, so you can get denture repair early on:

  • Visible cracks, chips or blemishes
  • Uneven wearing of dentures
  • Discomfort in fit or denture security
  • Sore teeth or gums after extended denture wear
  • Loose-fitting dentures or dislodging while chewing
  • Speech impediment development

Denture Repair Experts

With decades of experience in denture creation and denture repair, Naftzger Dental Lab restores the fit, feel and look of your dentures to a like-new condition. We have the equipment and skill to identify damages, renewing the aesthetic and reforming the shape of your dentures to conform to your mouth. We also fix clasps in partial dentures and can re-mount fittings for on-all-four implants. Our work is superior to fix-it-yourself kits, for lasting results.

Restore Your Dentures

Naftzger Dental Lab operates out of Ogden, UT but we welcome denture repair cases from throughout the greater Southwest region. Contact us today at 801-392-5645 to discuss denture repair and to get more information about pricing, mailing your dentures to us and the types of repairs we provide.